syrah - Azienda Agricola Vinicola Bruni - Fonteblanda (GR) Italia


IGT Maremma Toscana
100% Syrah

A vine grape that found in Maremma the new expressive and productive cradle. Generous grape in all its structural components, in this area has been able to reveal its asian root; Deep red colour spiced fragrance with chocolate notes; fresh and sapid in mouth, warm full flavour, with sweet tannins wrapped in vanilla notes.

First Year: 2006
Nr of bottles: 12000
Altitude: 50/80 Mt. asl
Yield / Hectare: 80
Breeding System:
Density Plant: 4600 plants / He
Harvest period:
Fermentation Temp.: 25-27°C
Alcohol Content: 13% Vol
Bottling Period:

Production Technique

Tubs Material

Ageing Potential