muffato - Azienda Agricola Vinicola Bruni - Fonteblanda (GR) Italia


Vino da tavola
100% Vermentino

Oenological tribute to our most important white variety, Vermentino. The latest arrival in our production, has already enchanted through his character. Strong straw-coloured, harmony of honey aroma with faded and dry fruits. The taste is sapid, sweet and warm. Only through the symbiosis between fruit and noble rot is possible to obtain this kind of product, with great personality and typicalness. Good meditation.

First Year: 2006
Nr of bottles: 4600
Altitude: 50/80 Mt. asl
Yield / Hectare: nn
Breeding System:
Density Plant: 4200 plants / He
Harvest period:
Fermentation Temp.: 16-18°C
Alcohol Content: 14,5% Vol
Bottling Period:

Production Technique

Tubs Material

Ageing Potential